We are an incubator of talent and we accelerate the skills of the professionals that make up our team, resulting in an excellent service delivered in a responsable and ethical culture.

The principles of Linares abogados are:


From legal knowledge, practical experience and our involvement in projects.


For a competent service


Personalised service for clients, quality improvement and constant innovation.


  • Empathy: We feel, listen and converse. We have a global vision and we relate to the community that surrounds us.
  • Proactivity:We engage ourselves with commitment, with joy, energy and optimism, with diligence and a desire to suceed.
  • Transparency: Understood as a source of trust. We act with integrity, consistency and honesty. We do not want to earn trust, but deserve it.
  • Vanguardism: Our continuous learning takes us through infinite paths of innovation.