Principles and values

We are an incubator of talents and a catalyst for the skills of our team’s professional members, which translates into an excellence service, embedded in a culture of responsibility and ethics.


We want to be a reference in our areas of specialisation, in our commitment with our surrounding community and in the professional development of our team. To never stop learning.


The guiding principles of our work at Linares Abogados are:


Legal knowledge constitutes the base of our advising, practical experience gives us a vision of the situation in the sector and getting involved in a particular project for a client allows us to offer advice with maximum added value.


In Linares Abogados, response times are adapted to the speed each individual project needs, which, along with assigning the right lawyer, results in a highly competent service.


Every client in the firm is offered a personalised customer service and we are constantly working to improve its quality, based on responsibility and continuous innovation.
  • Empathy: we feel for others, put ourselves in their shoes, listen and develop two-way dialogues. We have a global vision and we interact with our surrounding community.
  • Proactiveness: we commit ourselves fully to all our projects, both internal and external, with gusto, effort and optimism, with diligence and a will to succeed, so as to offer our best performance in all our interest groups.
  • Transparency: seen as a source of trust. We act with integrity, coherence and honesty, in accordance with our principles and values to render account to our interest groups and thus satisfy their needs and expectations. We don’t seek to gain your trust, but to deserve it.
  • Avant-garde: our constant learning leads us along the infinite paths of innovation towards strategic sustainability while serving the stakeholders, in order to improve our environment and transcend, and at the same time maintaining an active leadership role in Corporate Social Responsibility.

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