Our story

Linares Abogados was founded in 2010 by Miguel Linares Polaino, who meticulously selected a team of expert and experienced lawyers and highly qualified external advisors, who could offer his clients their extensive experience from other prestigious firms, financial institutions and big Spanish companies.


Its first steps were to strengthen the pillars that today support this solid and prestigious firm, one that is committed to its surrounding environment. This commitment was born from a vision of a universal openness in which the firm was conceived, from that “new legal concept”.

The performance of Linares Abogados goes beyond the study and analysis of legal regulations, providing a mixed service between conventional advice and external consultancy. From a deep knowledge of the markets and business performance in which their advice takes place and the use of the most advanced technologies, Linares Abogados guarantee that the work they do moves in the same direction as those commercial opportunities their clients are looking for, providing a global multidisciplinary service.


Since it was launched, the firm has created a culture of collaboration where people can develop their talent and prosper, making them responsible of generating value –for the firm and, of course, its clients, but also to society– innovating and setting the stage for growing together.


Furthermore, Linares Abogados have a predisposition towards excellence and ethics that embraces all their strategic projects, both internal and external. The world evolves and changes quickly and the firm has proven to be capable of responding to the demands of the legal industry’s forefront.

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