Contributing to sustainability

We help our clients to make strategic decisions, taking into account their economic, social and environmental impacts; and we collaborate with them in order to execute them successfully so that they can achieve their business goals and better their reputation.

Our model starts with the integration of sustainability in the firm’s strategy, analysing the economic, social and environmental effects that our activity generates on our stakeholders, as well as the expectations they have placed on our profession-al practice.

We are active partners in Global Compact. These memberships are a direct result of our commitment to our stakeholders.

Being part of the United Nations Global Compact requires a solid commitment towards the 10 Universal Principles that cover, amongst others: human rights, quality working conditions, the environment and anti-corruption issues.

On another note, since the publication of the 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Linares Abogados has been committed to their fulfilment, focusing on those that impact its business model and corporate policies.

Since 2013 Linares Abogados has been actively collaborating with FUNDAP‘s project “Becas para las Niñas”. Based on the schooling of girls in the west of Guatemala, helping families with scarce resources who do not have the capacity to pay for school materials, transport or shoes.

Linares Abogados has been awarded by the Madrid Government with a Mention for its Social Responsibility in Employment. This distinction, only granted to 11 companies in Madrid, is a direct result of the commitment towards the personal and professional growth of all team members.

Linares Abogados contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals.

In the business model

In corporate policies